Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Republicans - not your primary supporters of rail.

Even though oil prices are skyrocketing, only 71 House Republicans think we need an alternative to airlines. Maybe they would prefer us to be at the whim of the oil barrons?

194 Democrats ( only 4 voting against ) voted for funding. It is obvious which party in America is at least willing keep Amtrak around.

One wonders what Republicans want to do to Amtrak? Bush wants to shut it down - at least everywhere except on the East Coast. The Bush Administration has proposed eliminating funding for Amtrak and spinning the railroad off as a private company. Republicans tried doing this in 1997, and it appears higher oil prices are no worry for them. America could do what Mexico did only a year ago and dismantle the core commuter rail infrastructure. It seems Republicans look to Mexico for leadership on such crucial issues as energy and transportation. But not in 2006 - at least with forward thinking Representatives supporting Amtrak.

How Minnesotan Representatives voted ( AKA 100% partisan ) :

Gilbert W. 'Gil' Gutknecht
Republican No
2 Representative
John P. Kline
Republican No
3 Representative
James M. 'Jim' Ramstad
Republican NO
4 Representative
Betty McCollum
Democrat/Farmer/Labor Yes
5 Representative
Martin Olav Sabo
Democrat/Farmer/Labor Yes
6 Representative
Mark R. Kennedy
Republican No
7 Representative
Collin C. Peterson
Democrat/Farmer/Labor Yes
8 Representative
James L. Oberstar
Democrat/Farmer/Labor Yes