Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Keith Ellison the only Non-Christian in congress?

Some believe having a Muslim in Congress is bad, but allowing him to proclaim it with the Koran is too much. It reminds me of the GLBT Republicans, that when running for have to pretend to be straight. But anywho, a notoriously "pro-family" organization has a new survey: about Islam. It seems a bit skewed in its results already, unabashedly against Muslims.

One thing that disturbs me are the claims that Islam gives women few rights. Okay, maybe the Taliban was harsh - but they do not represent Islam. That would be like the Inqusition representing all of Catholicism and Christianity. Women have had the right to vote in Islamic democracies and a say in society long before the feminist movements of the 20th AD. What is ironic is that Muslim nations have produced more heads of state than Western Nations. Examples:

Moving beyond Islam, what about my own philosophy: Buddhism? There will be two sworn in the same moment that Keith Ellison is. And you hear not a peep from the media, well maybe a small NY Times article. But we Buddhists do not truly enjoy controversy as much as perpetuating truth and uncovering falsehoods.

Representative-elect Hank Johnson, a Georgia Democrat will use the Bible citing it as an American tradition. Mazie Hirono, a Hawaii Democrat, has stated there not to be a Buddhist equivalent to the Koran or Bible. Even the Dhammapada, originating from the Mahayana branch of Buddhism, doesn't cover all of Buddha's teachings.

What does this say about the multi-religious future of America? Probably what Ms. Hirono says that we should have "respect and tolerance for other religions.” That is something Representative Virgil Goode,the AFA, and others of various faith and non-faith could work towards. A nation that truly values peace,freedom, and all it entails is where America needs to be.