Sunday, November 09, 2008

National Debt Report October 2008

Per, the newest National Debt statistics are in.

As of November 6, 2008:

Publicly held:

Intragovernmental holdings:


Interest Payment October 2008:

Interest Payments Fiscal Year to Date:

Gifts to reduce the public debt September 2008:

Gifts to reduce the public debt FY 2008:

Gifts to reduce the public debt FY 2007:

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Farheen Hakeem - Building TRUST across party lines

Farheen the Green. That's all partisans want you to see of her. Yet her supporters are able to transcend simplistic notions continually parroted by the media. Farheen Hakeem is marshaling a multipartisan force rarely seen in American politics.

One could assume an Obama supporter would vote solely along party lines. This is not so in 61B as evident across the district. You see more Farheen signs paired with those of Obama, AL Franken, and Keith Ellison. Norm Coleman supporters also tout Farheen signs. They no doubt see she is of strong character and unwavering in her principles. Her issues may be different from conservatives, but her consistency and professionalism are appealing to them. Farheen has earned the respect and trust among the diverse community of south Minneapolis.

Farheen's final get out the vote literature let's residents know where to vote and what to bring for same day registration. She asks voters to consider supporting political diversity at the polls - meaning voting for whoever they see fit but not forgetting a check by Farheen Hakeem.

Her opponent has chosen another route: vote partisan only. He has a rather insular logic on his literature: "because I am DFL endorsed and because I endorse Obama, you should vote for me." Unfortunately, he does not inform voters as to where to go to vote or what to bring to register. The residents of south Minneapolis deserve better than the myopic elected official Hayden clearly wants to be. Rather than being TOLD how to vote, Farheen gives voters the information to not only vote, but actually make them think about who they truly support.

Farheen's differentiation from Hayden can be articulated through her vision:

  • Repeal the Minnesota PATRIOT Act
  • Enact Single-Payer Univeral Healthcare
  • Environmental Justice ( Farheen opposed the Mid-Town burner, Hayden and the Sierra Club did not )
  • Improving Education - The core of Minnesota's budget and our collective future
  • Improving transportation and transit ( Farheen has attended forums and meetings, while Hayden did not )
  • Homelessness - not just throwing money at it, but solving the root causes
  • User Friendly State Government ( Farheen has been at every community event in 61B, and major event in Minneapolis. She will be visible to constituents long after she is elected, Hayden has not )
  • Children and Youth rights
  • LGBT Rights - beyond marriage
  • More here ( not unabridged )
It is clear that Farheen Hakeem is the most capable and sensible person to represent the heart of Minneapolis. No one has refuted this beyond naive rhetoric. On Tuesday, November 4th Vote Green with Farheen Hakeem!