Sunday, January 06, 2008

Edwards and the Upper Class

I think it quite horrifying that Americans are so utterly clueless about presidential candidate John Edwards. He is like the personification of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - not someone I would want for President. He talks about the two-Americas: one very rich and one at a standstill and getting poorer. He claims to be on the side of the poor and middle class as a candidate. But in real life he worked for a hedge fund named Fortress Investments Group.

Hedge funds are very lucrative for those multi-billionaires who want their assets invested with a bit more secrecy than for normal investors. Fortress also benefits from being incorporated in the Cayman Islands, reducing possibilities for paying US taxes.

Edwards was paid 500K for a few meeting with Fortress, to the benefit of the ultra-wealthy he claims to be opposed to. If he were truly committed to change, would he not be working for organizations that invest in Fair Trade, Organic foods, and renewable energy. I understand that this may not be instantaneously profitable, but it is the energy put into something that can make it more effective long-term. I also understand that many talented individuals lament the possibility to do this yet make less money. Why not do it part-time until it takes off? And any true leader would do so more than he does for unsustainable firms.

If John Edwards is indeed working for more sustainable firms, then I would like to know about it. We need a president fully involved in the Socially Responsible Investments market, not the profit-at-all-costs market of the previous centuries.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hope for Kenya

If you look at they typical American media, you might think that the latest election in Kenya was solely about tribal politics. Delving further into the news there, I have found more than that. I recommend checking out the Daily Nation, The Daily Standard, and the ODM-Kenya Party.

Odinga believes in Universal Healthcare, reducing the size of Kenya's military, and improving the livelihood of Kenya's poor. Yet he also drives a Hummer, as the Governator does in California. He wants taxes reduced but opposes trickle down economics. He wants a
Marshall Plan for Kenya, that could only be financed through a progressive tax. He sounds like an FDR populist.

When officially announcing his run for Presidency, Raila Odinga stated " To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, I dream of a Kenya at peace with itself; a country free of hatred. As Martin Luther King Jr said, hatred paralyses life while love releases it. Hatred confuses life, while love harmonises it. Hatred darkens life, while love illuminates it."

Also stating in his announcement speech,
"Tribalism is today tearing this country apart." If Odinga really wants to end the bloodshed, he should ensure that his rally in Uhuru Park does not incite more hatred than hope. Though Kibaki is against the rally, it is important that freedom of speech and right to assemble are allowed for democracy to flourish.

His supporters have a right to be angry if the election was rigged or tampered with in any way. But to use the announced results as an excuse to riot, pillage, rape, and murder are not to be condoned. Odinga should extinguish the cycle of tribal warfare in Kenya. He should heal the wounds through word and then action if he is the true winner of the election. There will be hope for Kenya if its chosen leader acts with the highest of wisdom and compassion for all Kenyans.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 Blog Disclosure

Name of Blog: Multipartisan Minnesota
Organizer: Kevin Chavis
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Purpose: The primary intention of this blog is to gather those from all active political parties in Minnesota to focus on one main issue: energy - particularly Peak Oil and Global Warming. I would like an active member of each party to blog at least once a year on this particular subject. The diverse perspectives would be a welcome voice on this important issue, as we rarely see our media discuss more than two sides.

As a member of the Minnesota Green Party, my individual blogger focus is on: 1)Envisioning a society that values compassion and wisdom 2) Supporting peace and justice for all beings. and 3) Preparing for a post-oil world. I consider these issues to be intertwined and do my best to connect the dots.

No profit is made (apart from knowledge) and sources are always stated explicitly.

Participation in this blog is available to those interested. Please e-mail KevinChavis AT Yahoo dot com with subject line:"Multipartisan Blog"

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