Saturday, May 27, 2006

Remember when Tim Pawlenty signed that "No new taxes" pledge? A sales impact fee and public-financed stadium later - we know this a joke. It is quite foolish to make a pledge to political party only to be elected to serve all citizens.

Now we in Hennepin County must pay for a stadium owned by a billionaire - and people think Bush is bad for his tax cuts? Obviously Bush's fiscal deficits are bad for America - but both the Minnesota DFL and GOP conspired against one county. Are there not more important things for Hennepin county than a stadium? Is a stadium as worthy to build as better transit, affordable housing, education, and even preventative healthcare? To non-Hennepin politicians - of course not.

For those of us footing the bill - I hope we get free tickets for life. I want entrance at any time - day or not. After all - I am paying for it. And it isn't over. We can find who our Hennepin county commissioner is and contact them. Will that work? Probably not, as they feel they have nothing to lose. But the GOP has much to lose with Pawlenty dissing Hennepin Republicans, and the DFL ( apart from a few like Steve Kelley ) were just as complicit. But the DFL has a stranglehold on the area. Our only hope appears the Green Party in Minneapolis and the Independence Party in the suburbs.

The 2-party monopoly is not very popular in America right now - but few feel there is much choice. The corporate and aristocratic wealth is funding both - ensuring that whoever wins feels indebted partially to them. But while many feel powerless there is hope. Minneapolis could have instant runoff voting soon. IRV, a catalyst for change in how Americans vote, could make profound changes in our "lesser evil" and "spoiler" attitudes towards third parties. Many would consider more candidates and improve 3rd party credibility. It just needs to pass a November referendum. IRV could improve our situation in the 21st century, but we need to try it first.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

In "How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America" by Cristina Page, one gets an accurate insight into the future of America. Our future, is not very bright if pro-lifers get their way. It all depends how certain events play out. But in America, when Roe is overturned, 30 states will have outlawed abortion.

Depending on how it is overturned will decide how extreme America will turn in its righteous cause. The fetus could be given the rights of a person. This would have implications beyond anything currently imaginable. How could you use contraception if you could kill a person each time? The guilt will overwhelm Americans, just like their guilt over not being perfect and sinful.

The implications of having abortion illegal go way beyond what your average citizen has time to envision. If a women has a child with birth defects like anencephaly ( no brain syndrome ) , she would be forced to carry it full-term. Infants born with anencephaly are usually blind, deaf, unconscious, and unable to feel pain. 95% of Americans have abortions instead of giving birth to an anencephalic child ( about 95,000 a year ). Of the remaining 5%, about 55% are stillborn. The rest usually live only a few hours or days.

Keep in mind that the death rate for abortion is 0.6 deaths per 100,000 legal abortions and birthrate is 1 in 2500. ( in places like Afghanistan an Africa the death of women giving birth is around 1 in 8 )

In America, the Constitution does not explicitly say we have a right to privacy. Most likely Roe will be overturned by deciding that women do not have the right to make private decisions about their bodies. Your right to contraception could be lost - both male and female. ( as some politicians might interpret them as being abortificants ) Since one no longer has the right to privacy, homosexuality may be outlawed again through sodomy laws. Will the loss of private decisions also be our first march toward fascism, or simply its main roadblock?

We chastise China for not allowing religious freedom, that people will believe in something anyways. We vehemently disagree with their lack of respect for freedom of speech. Yet we will go down the path to less freedom, because the ends justify the means against abortion. But it will not end abortion. (Quite the contrary, more will be aborted then ever before due to lack of contraceptions and sexual education.) You can make and enforce laws against sexuality, but people will keep doing it.

Pro-lifers also ensure their agenda is exported overseas. We promote abstinence as the only solution to AIDS in Africa, and cut all aid to UNPFA. This means more cases of AIDS, fistula, and unsafe abortions throughout the world. They adversely affect the poorest of the poor, just as it does in America - but to the detriment of all mankind.

The fact is countries that have science based sexual education and liberal contraception laws have the lowest abortion rates ( i.e. Sweden , Netherlands ). Also nations that are economically vibrant also contribute to fewer abortions ( unlike Russia ). America has the highest abortion rate in the developed world, and ranks in the middle of the devoloping world. In addition Americans are: 51% Pro-choice and 65% pro-Roe Vs. Wade decision. ( meaning 14% of "pro-lifers" actually support keeping Roe intact ) What it all means is that the pro-life movement isn't responsive to the needs of the American people and works to hinder the lives of all mankind. They squander Americas freedom to implement their agenda at the cost of those least able to afford it.

Pro-lifers heap vile comments against this book deeming it too asbsolute in its findings. Some have comments like this { with my comments} :

Never mind that both abortion and contraception were legal in some { meaning it will only be legal again in some } states well before the Supreme Court decisions that discovered constitutional privacy rights to these things. [ She claims] if Roe v. Wade is overturned, women will be reduced to trying to end their own pregnancies by having their boyfriends whack their bellies with a baseball bat. She never mentions the women who have died from legal abortions in this country. { again look at the above statistics, and you see abortion is 800 times more safe than pregnancy - and pro-lifers are shocked when their wives die giving birth }

Page criticizes crisis pregnancy centers, which pro-life groups have established all across America, because they don't give "accurate information." The thousands of pro-life women who have donated millions of dollars worth of free medical care, [etcetera] will not recognize themselves in her description. { this statement is off subject, and does not address the lies perpetuated by the so called "crisis centers" Those who work at these centers believe contraception IS abortion } In fact,... [ blah blah blah - I have nothing intelligent to say ]

The book explicitly details the individual pro-lifer. They will twist science , usually by taking out of context, to their own belief. And when science consistently dismisses their claims, they ignore it believing it is 'possible' that they are wrong. This is true with most Dominionist agenda, and it is scary how anti-human they have truly become.