Saturday, October 28, 2006

State office - House 61A

Karen Clark

An avid supporter of Keith Ellison and city council member Robert Lilligren. Clark is a progressive who believes that the DFL will honor her values. I do not see her as the "enemy" solely because of such partisanship, but I wish she would find at least ONE Green to support in the future.

Honestly, are councilmembers like Paul Ostrow progressive? One party cities don't allow the public to truly see the direction its city is headed in, nor challenge its leaders in a debate. That is why the Greens exist, to give Minneapolis residents a voice and build a decent party in Minnesota.

Terry Borchardt's campaign is run from Golden Vally, has no website, and is a MCCL owned Republican. Need I say more? ( why not? Terry is another Alan Fine token candidate )

State Auditor

There are only two you should consider in this race (unless you believe that the Taxpayer's League and MCCL should run this position): Dave Berger and Lucy Gerold

Dave Berger

Single payer health care, equal rights, Green Audit

The Green Audit is something that Minnesota should be championing. By promoting ecological wisdom we reduce harm to future generations on our lands. By purchasing products that promote fair trade and reduce poverty, we can improve the lives of many others in this world. Economic security globally would greatly reduce physical security needs locally.

Lucy Gerold

( taken from her site):

No office in state government has as its main job to pay attention to local government - except the Auditor. Unfortunately, traditional auditors have used that role only to call press conferences to highlight mistakes or misdeeds. We should expect more for our money. The best auditors use their access to information as a tool to actually improve the performance of local governments. 60% of all governmental resources in Minnesota are managed by local governments. To deliver better results, we must do it with - not in spite of - our towns, cities, counties, and school districts.

Lucy Gerold is a change maker with a track record of turning around organizations and inspiring outstanding performance. She has worked in the Minneapolis Police Department in several capacities, including in her current role as a Deputy Chief. She led the implementation of the department's pioneering CODEFOR crime reduction and accountability strategies. In the 1980's she was at the forefront of the city's transformation to community-oriented policing - moving police officers out their traditional reactive role into a more proactive, partnership-based relationship with the community they serve. We need this same kind of transformation in the relationship between the state and local governments - a relationship that has become strained if not outright hostile in the past few years.


I think it fair to end with Dave's comments on the Auditor race:

Pat Anderson and Rebecca Otto have been supportive of the Minnesota Taxpayers League’s legislative agenda. Ms. Anderson has signed this special interest group's "no new taxes" pledge. Ms. Otto states that the Taxpayers League is a "special interest group funded by wealthy conservatives" and that this "Special interest group has taken control of Minnesota Finances" (see her website at As with her views and actions on equal rights, these unkind words do not match her actions. While in the State Legislature Ms. Otto had the highest rated Taxpayers League voting record of any DFL House member in 2003 . She now claims she is against this special interest yet she voted with them 55 percent of the time in a year when the average Democrat voted with this group a mere 17 percent of the time! While Ms. Otto desperately wants to paint herself as a progressive to solidify her base within the DFL, she has a great deal in common with the politics of the conservative Ms. Anderson. In addition, at least on these two issues, Ms. Otto states one thing and does another. Integrity and consistency is an important part of public service.

Both Pat Anderson and Rebecca Otto have received thousands of dollars of special interest PAC money for their campaigns (see the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board website ). Dave Berger does not accept PAC money. Such special interest money has an undue influence on candidates. Especially State Auditor candidates. "The State Auditor must be objective," states Dave Berger. "How can you be an effective and fair State Auditor if you support special interest groups and do not believe in equal rights and equal treatment for

Minnesota US Senate Race 2006

Michael Cavlan - US Senate - Green Party Endorsed

Michael is a populist Green who deserves a spot in the Senate. He would never last as a Democrat, because he believes in making Bush accountable for his actions. Nancy Pelosi may be the next Speaker of the House, but she is determined not to make Democrats appear to be obstructionists.Many Democrats want to investigate and make known various Bush and Republican secrets and illegal activities. Nancy Pelosi instead wants to position the Democrats for 2008 to appear as though they have a vision and will back it up with legislation. ( Nevermind that Bush will veto any major changes to our nations current path. )

Cavlan believes in withdrawing from Iraq ASAP, while Amy wants a more "comprehensive" solution. While on MPR, Cavlan agreed with Constitution Party Senate candidate Ben Powers that America needs major structural changes. Libertarians should take note: Cavlan wants to return to the Gold Standard and change our electoral system to be truly representative.

Ben Powers - Constitution

If one cannot vote for Cavlan due to his stance on abortion, love-based marriage, and faith-based initiatives, I highly recommend a vote for Ben Powers. He agrees with Greens on more issues than your average Republican. it also sends a message to Kennedy and his corporate owned party.

Robert Fitzgerald - Independence

Very young to be a politician in the Senate. I truly hope he does well and that he continues working against the corporate owned two-parties in Minnesota.

The following is from his site:

U.S. Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald supports energy soveregnty, a balanced budget, a reduction in the national debt, and a more open government process. He believes government must demonstrate fiscal responsibility and service competency. He also believes the Federal government has lost its ability to be flexible and responsive and that state and local governments need to be the vanguard of good government.

Fitzgerald believes in returning fairness and balance to a government over-run with special interest legislation.

Amy Klobouchar - DFL

Not voting for her but I truly adore Amy's stance on fiscal sanity. She wants to not only get back to a balanced federal budget but PAY OFF THE DEBT! This issue has been part of my political dialogue since I first learned what the national debt was. All future generations in America will be hindered by this burden unless we sacrifice NOW by paying off Republican over-indulgences. ( political cartoon from the Tammy Lee campaign - she would be a good ally in Congress for Amy )

Amy will also win the election, because Kennedy is just another Rubber-stamp-for-Bush. Put aside the fact that Bush is not very popular, would YOU want to be represented by a politician who cannot articulate his state's values?

The last candidate, Mark Kennedy, claims that terrorists cannot be negotiated with, yet never defines a terrorist. Maybe Minnesotans can't negotiate with Republicans any longer for the same reason?

Friday, October 27, 2006

5th Congressional District House

Jay Pond - Green Party

Out of Iraq - Renewable Energy - Universal Healthcare

Three issues that Democrats have a hard time understanding coherently in this VERY Progressive district. Keith Ellison gained endorsement mainly because of his stance on these issues. Jay Pond also pointed out on an MPR debate that Keith believes in a draft . While Keith opposes a draft for the Iraq war, he believes in a "shared sacrifice" with regards to the Long War. Therefore when Democrats and Republicans join hands in a war against Iran and North Korea, Keith may promote a draft proposal.

Ellison is part of the DFL, who has a monopoly on Minneapolis politics. If he really stood for democracy, he would ask the Minneapolis DFL to split itself in two. Then their endorsement conventions would stop being city elections. That's okay Keith, you don't have to believe in local democracy. That's why the Greens exist.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Attorney General

Papa John Kolstad

I have no qualms voting for Papa John. He is more than competent to be the attorney general, having dealt with that office many times.
He is also the founder of the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition, and will promote UHC while in office. In addition, he will support the small business community and not give special favors to the corporate donors of the other parties.

Enforcing Minnesota Environmental Laws

Clean air and water are our most important resources. I will work so that we can eat the fish from all of our 10,000 lakes. Minnesota needs a strong energy efficient and renewable energy policy. We can lead the nation in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We need a policy of zero discharge of persistent toxic chemicals in our state, especially chlorinated compounds like dioxin which are key contributors to cancer and birth defects.

Protecting Minnesota Small Business

I propose we create a Small Business Division within the Attorney General's office. This Division will level the playing field between small business and the abusive large corporate conglomerates. This would allow me, as yLinkour Attorney General, to be an aggressive advocate for small business, as well as for consumers. The cost of health care and property taxes are two major problems for small business. Both of these problems are the result of bad public policy.

The wasteful health insurance companies dictate care and raise rates 10 to 15% per year, and this is retarding the growth of the economy and the creation of new jobs. As Attorney General, I would continue to audit and investigate the health insurance companies, and, where warranted, would aggressively pursue criminal charges against the CEOs and officers of these companies for fraud and abuse. I'd also propose new laws if the current ones are insufficient to prosecute these abuses. MORE

Minnesota Guard Home Now!

We must disengage from the immoral war crime we have committed in Iraq. This war has now lasted longer America's engagement in World War II. Each and every single premise for starting this war of choice has proved to be wrong.


John James

The Office of the Attorney General is the public's law firm. The AG's job is to represent the people of Minnesota. AGs traditionally want to be seen as the enforcer or prosecutor-in-chief - using the law to get justice for citizens. Enforcement is important, but if all we get from the AG is enforcement, we're not getting all we are paying for. We want people and organizations to comply with the law -- and laws to comply with the needs of Minnesotans and their communities. The AG should deliver both.

Minnesota needs an independent Attorney General. One who rejects the partisan DFL and Republican agendas that produce nothing but gridlock and finger-pointing. One who will be the people's lawyer, rather than working to protect the special interests and big campaign contributors.

As Minnesota's independent Attorney General, John James will:

Focus on Children

  • Enforce child protection laws
  • Crack down on domestic abuse
  • Keep kids in school

Focus on the Environment

  • Reverse a decade of increasing environmental degradation
  • Clean up Minnesota's waters

Focus on Fair Treatment from Government

  • Demand fair treatment of citizens by state and local government
  • Demand basic honesty from our leaders-taxes and fees are not the same!
  • Challenge unnecessary and preferential subsidies to businesses, so your tax dollars are spent on the things that matter

Protect the Interests of Average Minnesotans

  • Fill the vacuum of leadership on public safety to make Minnesotans safer from crime-without the death penalty
  • Protect consumers from dishonest businesses
  • Maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of the Internet

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

State Office - Senate 61

Linda Berglin

She is the creator of MinnesotaCare. She understands the needs of Minnesota's least fortunate residents and Minneapolis. There are few Greens that find it important enough to run against her this election cycle, and it is wiser if we did not.

Lucky Rosenbloom is running under the guise of the Independence Party, though a long-time Republican activist. I considered him for the half-second it took to research him. I don't disagree with his stance on gun-ownership, but he snorts GOP dogma like the substances he claims to be against.

Why waste time discussing Mark Dolski ? Only Linda has bothered to even HAVE a website!! Vote for Linda!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hennepin County Commissioner

Farheen Hakeem deserves much more support than Peter McLaughlin. Peter supported the Stadium Tax, and should have considered his constituents more. Minneapolis libraries and public schools are having difficulty maintaining financial stability. Yet we build a sports stadium for a billionaire?

Farheen has the endorsement of the Green Party and support by many within the independent voter movement. She received 15% of the vote for mayor in the 2004 primary, and 40% in this year's County Commissioner primary. She will not allow the DFL Machine to dominate our city indefinitely, and deserves support for doing something about it.

What else does she stand for than against the imposed stadium tax?

Wind Energy

Wind energy was an issue I championed during my 2005 campaign for Minneapolis Mayor. I am pleased to report that since then, the County board has decided to explore the options of bring renewable energy to Hennepin County. With my expertise, and commitment wind energy will become a reality in our community.

Wind energy will not only lessen our burden on nuclear and coal energy, but it will save the county money. Right now, Hennepin County spends $7 million on electricity. Wind Energy is approximately half the cost as nuclear and coal, resulting in a savings of $2-3 million dollars.

As Commissioner I will advocate renovating our county buildings with energy-efficient technology — a short-term expense with long-term savings.

Child Protection

Hennepin County needs strong and healthy families, regardless of their socio-economics, race, religion, sexual orientation, or citizenship. As County Commissioner I will insist that we examine the ways in which our government programs fail to keep children safe, and work to transform the root causes of that failure.

The racial disparity in child protection is shocking. For example, many children who are taken away from their homes are people of color. In addition, county services are not friendly to families of color, and families very quickly get lost in the system.

According to a March 29th issue of the Spokesmen-Recorder, there are 267,000 children in Hennepin County, where 69% are Caucasian and 14% are African American. Yet, of the children that are served in Hennepin County Child Protection, 29% are Caucasian, and 44% are African American. In addition, with newly arrivals and immigrants in Hennepin County, there is a lack of translated materials and cultural competency within Child Protection services. We also need to increase recruitment of more people of color to be guardiem ad litems. This will not only increase the cultural competency of county services, but also decrease the number of cases in which families are unnecessarily separated after case workers misinterpret traditions outside of their own culture as being inappropriate or harmful to children.


As a former math teacher and a current youth coordinator, I’m very passionate about the education of all our children. Hennepin County schools must be well funded and well staffed. This will not only improve the quality of education to our students, but provide more jobs to the community.

One of my teaching positions was with Hennepin County court-ordered youth. The system is broken for our young people and we need to make more strides in preventing these children in entering the criminal justice system. We need give them the tools that they need so that they can build a future for themselves that does not included the revolving door of a corrections facility.

As county commissioner, I will implement proactive steps to get our children away from juvenile detention and on their way to being active members of society. Those steps include offering opportunities in supplemental education to our youth and an increase in before-school, after-school and during-school programming.

other major issues :


Public Safety

Public Finance


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Minneapolis IRV Referendum

A proposal to use Instant Runoff Voting in elections

VOTE YES! Why? It eliminates the so-called "spoiler effect" in multipartisan elections. Citizens can vote for any candidate they choose by ranking them.

Indepedence , Green , and DFL endorsed

Republican indifference.

The only known opponent: MCCL ( Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life )

Why does MCCL oppose IRV when it is not an abortion-related issue? Fear and their lack of support from voters. Less than 22% of the Republican voters truly care about outlawing abortion, but the GOP needs these votes as an edge to beat the DFL. If IRV becomes standard, expect the GOP to ignore MCCL because they know they will get a #2 vote from this minority. Expect MCCL to organize around the issue better, or become less extreme in order to gain political foothold.

MCCL, will continue to be the biggest opponent to Minnesotan electoral reform. But a true citizens organization would promote causes that benefit society and harms few.

IRV proponents have this to say to MCCL fearmongers:

FairVote Minnesota has issued a line-by-line rebuttal to the blatant distortions and outright falsehoods propagated by the MCCL. Key points in that response say that Instant Runoff Voting :
  • has been used in pro-life, Roman Catholic Ireland since the founding of that republic.
  • would assure that the winner of an election has the support of a majority of voters
  • strengthens the effectiveness of every vote
  • is attracting the interest of a growing number of civic-minded Minnesotans
MCCL has no comment at this time.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tammy Lee's growing momentum

Tammy Lee doesn't have endorsement by Martin Sabo - but nor does Keith Ellison. The fact that he is willing to have a photo taken with Tammy reflects the resentment this Old Guard DFLers has against Progressive DFLers.

Tammy's tagline is "Fiscally Responsible. Socially Progressive" and offers a very unique and refreshing campaign. Certainly checking out her issues page, one realizes it will appeal to disaffected DFLers.

But I can't help wonder if the many anti-Ellison suburbanites will worry about a lesser-than-evil vote. Do they think Alan Fine even has a prayer,? He appears a token candidate to make all DFLers look bad through one candidate. Katherine Kersten has wholeheartedly taken this stance in the Star Tribune. Yet, how can someone who believes in family values vote for someone who commits domestic abuse?

Jay Pond is getting nil publicity in the media lately, and Tammy has not only taken more space - she's gaining through a positive campaign strategy. While Ellison deals with Fine's negativity, he loses some positive momentum. Tammy doesn't have any such baggage, though she doesn't have the DFL Machine working for her either.

So will her new unity ads add any new endorsements by the Big Two partisans? I am not sure, but she certainly would stand a better chance with Instant Runoff Voting. IRV is poised to become the official voting technique for the city of Minneapolis.

What Tammy needs is more publicity, more supporters/volunteers, and more money. Will she be able to get those quickly without a large political operation behind her? The most important objective is getting votes, and the Big 2 know that third parties can get them cheaper than they can.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Muslim cabbies, Christian pharmacists, Hindu land-owners - what do they have in common?

It is hard to not find the irony in this debate. The founders of America KNEW this would be an issue, and thought to put it to rest by creating separations for religion and government. From that day forward, it has only become more contentious an issue with religious extremists. There is nothing wrong with being an extremist, but every piece of agenda should be scrutinized.

One should aks "does this act of government benefit the whole society?" instead of the belief that one should impose their version of God's will on others, an lack such societal benefits.

In Minneapolis, taxi drivers are imposing their will on those who wish to transport alcohol. If you have a can of Heineken, sorry, find another cab. The wrath of Allah will fall on me if I do my job.

Then you have the Christians working as pharmacists. A college student goes to Target to pick up a birth-control prescription and is told "sorry, I cannot help you." Because the wrath of God and/or Mary will come down upon the pharmacist if they do their job.

Some Hindus in India will not sell homes to you or let you live in certain neighborhoods unless you are a vegetarian. The evil karma of carnivores surely cannot be stood for.

What about sex offenders moving into a neighborhood with a high population of children? In Minneapolis, there are many offenders who move here thinking they are safe, only to find a rain of bullets impact their skulls. Vigilante 'justice' is not called for, but it happens.

I could go on, but you get the point. Imposing your religous beliefs on others, without consideration for freedoms and the benefit others may get, is immoral. People of many faiths understand this, and are confounded by those who share their faith don't understand secular values.

Does this mean we do not impose rules on those who could harm others? Of course not, society must condemn all harmful and detrimental actions treating the perpetraitors humanely. For if we lose site of humane treatment for the inhumane, we lose the possibility for positive transformation by the inhumane, thereby becoming what we so disdain.