Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sister's Camelot WINS Myspace Impact Award!!

When I initially voted for them, they were in third place and needed promotion. Sisters Camelot didn't even have a video to encourage voters, and thankfully did get one in time. Thanks to everyone getting the word out and voting because they won! Their reaction:

We are thrilled to receive this award and would like to thank everyone who voted, giving us this wonderful gift. We will use the money to continue rescuing organic fruits and vegetables from going to waste, and making sure t
hey end up in tasty dishes eaten by hungry people in our communities.
- Karen Eisert (Collective Member & Staff Member)

They will
be able to buy another bus and further expand their amazing work!

Thank you to everyone who voted for them! If you live in the Twin Cities, I encourage you to volunteer with them. It's fun and you get a bunch of food also!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

DLC wins VP nomination with Joe Biden

While I had assumed Barack Obama would not capitulate to the Democratic Leadership Council, because he had said he was independent of them, he has. Joe Biden might as well be Joe Lieberman - both are war hawks who could easily transition to the Neo-Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Because, the DLC is comprised of the same liberals who espouse the Neo-Con agenda, they just never left the Democrat Party.

In 2005 when he received a DLC award, Senator Biden stated. "I believe that our military power is necessary, but not sufficient, to change the world. It will be our ideas and our ideals -- the things we value, the things we stand for, the same things that brought the Berlin Wall down -- that will nudge the world toward more freedom and democracy." Peace through strength mantra, again. Bomb the world to peace?

Sorry, Obama you have failed miserably in your
choice. I will not even consider voting for you, not that I have ever considered McCain. The DLC and NeoCons envision a world where America's military is sent from nation to nation to hang on to resources we "need." What we need is a world where all people are secure, not just the American people. Most Americans agree on this, but they also know that the power in the upper echelons of our society are difficult to rein in. Just ask Obama, who may not have wanted a DLCer but because he ran in the Democrat Party, has no choice. Hillary lost, they need the VP, and now we get another Cheney.

Cynthia McKinney has a different perspective of our military. She wants accountability, not an never-ending empire that loses Trillions in taxpayer money. You won't hear Joe Biden grilling Rumsfeld or any other NeoCon because..friends protect their own right? Watch the video and decide who is best to lead America's military and the world into a better future:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Which would you pick:McCain's War Economy or McKinney's Green Economy?

Unless McCain is living in some warped reality, which he is, the economy needs a LOT of work. Not being able remember how many homes you own is a bit disconcerting. I mean, Norm Coleman only owns one! And he rents his place in Washington!

Let's consider that if McCain considers the fundamentals of our economy to be just fine - then do not think he will address our addiction to oil. He will not address the need to properly ensure access to education for future generations of Americans. He will not worry about the growing National Debt or reducing our imperialistic ambitions abroad. Why worry about the Homeland when you have to prop up your empire instead? Because, Mr. McCain, empires fall. And they can do so gracefully, or they can collapse in a heap.

So, if the Presidential race were done by Instant Runoff Voting, I wouldn't even put a number by McCain - unless it were double-digit. In the #1 spot would be Cynthia McKinney, who I adamantly support and WILL be on the ballot in Minnesota. Her ideas for a Green economy are expressed in the video below:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Misunderstood "independent"

I just had my second conference call Sunday with CUIP, which stands for the Committee for a Unified Independent Party. Jacqueline Salit is chair and co-founder, and she facilitated the conference call. She was also on the Midmorning show on MPR, so I have heard some of what she had to say again during the conference call.

What is interesting is that she and CUIP really are at the forefront of a monumental change in American politics that few in the media truly understand: independent voters. People who choose not to label themselves with a party brand, but say " no party for me." I really admire the independent who does not worry about what is "best for the party." For instance when Democrats nominate an "electable" candidate, independents smell this right away as an act that is "good for the party" and not necessarily good for our great nation.

Independents are frequently relegated to second class citizen when they are not allowed to vote in primaries, because they are for "partisans only." Independents want political power too - just outside of parties. Minnesota has open primaries and same day voter registration - which works in favor of independent swing elections( partisans would call them spoiling elections ). It would be wise for any party or organization to recognize this demographic.

Take Action

I recently volunteered with Take Action Minnesota. My primary motivation to do this because they initially told me they were supporting Sen. Marty's Single-Payer Universal Health-care Plan. Excellent! I made phone calls using their automated/computer calling system, which I found annoying as it called people and made them wait for a volunteer to say "hi." I was calling on behalf of DFL candidate Jerry Newton.

What I disliked most was the script they had written up for us. It didn't feel like me saying these things, although I liked Jerry. I did call many voters who were self-identified as independents. The first question on my script was asking the voter a partisan question, and independents hate these ( as did I - I am no Democrat! ). One person told me " I am a staunch Republican." And I was like "Well, have you heard of Jerry Newton?" And she was "Oh, Jerry? Yeah! I like him, can I get a lawn sign?" So much for consistent partisanship.

I spoke with some of those in Take Action after, and they agreed with me on Single Payer. But they believe in an "incremental" approach to health-care. Is this the same type of approach being supported by more pro-lifers? Chip away at choice, until there is none? Incremental works when you are tearing something down - like the icebergs slowly melting in Greenland. There comes a point when they just sink. But how do you build up Single-Payer from..small pieces? But Take Action buys what polls are saying - that only 30% of Americans support it. Maybe Take Action could educate the public instead of capitulating to polls?

What Take Action has become, is a partisan organization. They believe progressive change can only occur through the Democratic Party, and electing more of them. They want to show the DFL that they are a grassroots organization that can mobilize its members to help them win crucially close elections. But they do this by alienating non-partisan independents. They also believe that third-parties are not a vehicle for any type of change.

But Take Actions says they want to hold the Democrats accountable, by running candidates against anti-progressive Democrats. They were doing this in Minneapolis, in House District 58A with Peggy Flanagan. Rep. Joel Mullery did not get his party's endorsement, and could have lost in the primary had she been able to stay in the race. Of course, when I asked who they would run against my senator, Linda Berglin, they were quiet. "Perhaps she is going to run for higher office?" was one thought. ( Linda Berglin is opposed to Single-Payer ) Why aren't they recruiting for this and just allowing the DFL to dictate the agenda of my district? They conveniently "forgot" to endorse Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer for US Senate, waiting until after the DFL endorsed Al Franken. Sounds like they just want to stay on the good side of the DFL, and not radically challenge them.

But this is why it is difficult for independents to support partisan organizations, we do not care whether the party thrives or crashes and burns. Independents want to get things done on health-care, deficit spending, oil addiction, and peace. None of these are issues either Democrats or Republicans are strong on. But they sure like to pretend like they are!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Support Sister's Camelot!

I just read a post that Sister's Camelot is one of three finalists competing to receive a MySpace Impact Award. They give away free food in various locations all over Minneapolis - and it's all organic! Seriously a great organization, that I think we should all vote on to ensure they get more attention.

Please vote for Sister's Camelot at:

impact awards speech

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Guess: Chuck Hagel

I just got an e-mail announcing that Obama will soon be announcing is Vice-Presidential pick. Obviously, it will not be John Edwards. My guess for several months now has been Chuck Hagel, the Republican Senator from Nebraska. He was against the Iraq war starting in 2005, though he initially voted to authorize the war. Hagel is the maverick independent Republican that McCain used to be. It will make many Republicans seriously consider such a duo.

While I have told many people my guess, I never actually posted it here - so why not now before I can be proven wrong? I think Obama will want to appeal to be a bi-partisan leader who really wants change. I think he formulated this plan with Hagel a while back in the Senate. I do not claim to have any form of insider info. From my perspective of Obama's campaign, it seems to make sense. And if he chooses someone else, I hope it makes even more sense than what I have surmised.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Green budget hero

I tried the Budget Hero Challenge at MPR today. I won all three of my badges and holding true to my values! I proved that you can balance the Federal budget, cut the National Debt, AND provide single-payer universal health-care to all Americans. I did what neither Dems or Republicans seems willing to do: improve the quality of our government, protect the environment, and cut the size of wasteful government. All we have to do is make major changes now and stick with them long-term. Try it and see how it works for you!

Of course, these would all be attainable if we elect some Greens to congress. In 2006, America had a paltry 29% voter turnout. If more Americans chose to participate and vote Green, we could change the direction of our great nation!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama vs. Cynthia and Rosa

I know many out there think Obama is 100% perfect - but take a look at his history. He's not very democratic, in order to get elected in Chicago he kicked his opponent off the ballot on technicalities. More info here:

Now if you compare Obama to Cynthia McKinney the differences are:


  • Opposes trade with Cuba
  • Is against outlawing the Death Penalty
  • Opposes friendly relations with Russia in building a missile defense shield in former Soviet states
  • Is against Fair Trade ( He prefers "free" trade )
  • Opposes campaign financing for his own campaign ( supports it in others )
  • Adamantly supports a Mexican Border Wall
  • Believes there should be more Presidential powers, such as the line item veto
  • Is supportive of the USA PATRIOT Act ( especially wire tapping )
  • Opposes Single Payer Universal Healthcare ( what they have in Europe and Costa Rica )
  • Supports America's addiction to oil by allowing Off-shore oil drilling

Cynthia McKinney is firmly on the opposite side of these issues from Obama. If you believe in a peaceful world, building walls and missiles is not the way to do it. Obama is just as much an enemy of peace as Bush, as scary as that may sound. If he is elected, which he probably will, the true Obama will become much more apparent.

The French Model....

In Washington, there always seems to be a lot of comparison to France. When we went to war with Iraq, France become the butt of jokes because they opposed it. Conservatives even declared war on everything French - until they elected a conservative. Now they like things French - especially their nuclear program!

Cynthia also supports a French model - cutting our bloated and wasteful military budget. France is cutting their military budget by 15%. If we did that and half started paying for the National Debt, the other half could be used for free college and health-care. We could be using more of our money at home instead of guarding such wonders of the world like Iceland ( no offense Björk ) and Kazakhstan.

Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente are part of a Global movement for peace, known worldwide as the Green Party. Obama and McCain both support a global arms race. They believe in the "peace through strength" mantra with a clear destiny towards failure. It is time to truly heal the wounds the 20th Century has left us with. Building walls and bombs do not create Global Security. With 35% of the world living on less than $1 a day, Global Security will come through ending poverty - not bombing the poor. It is time for America to envision and implement the path to a more compassionate world, for both ourselves and all those on Earth.

Check Cynthia and Rosa out at