Friday, January 27, 2006

Why we need a Global Green Party:

There are many who claim that the Green Party is just another left-wing party. In the United States, there are those who claim that the Green Party undermines Democracy. Even those whom I admire (i.e. Sarah Vowell) believe them to be only spoilers. In England, I doubt the consensus is Greens spoil elections - and take votes from Labor and Social Democrats. England doesn't have the harsh ballot access laws America does.

Right wingers and Christian Conservatives, equate evil with socialism. They feel that socialism will lead the way to Godless Communism. And many equate the Green Movement with socialism. But where the Green Movement lacks, we see devastation of the environment and lack of economic sustainability. Case in point: Latin America. Today, Hugo Chavez and Lula da Silva are creating a natural gas pipeline that will devastate the Amazon Rain Forest. Unfortunately, the Greens cannot stop this travesty in Latin America - Socialists are in charge.

The Green Party and the Green Movement are two movements working intermittently with each other to reach a postive environmental and economic goals. For those not voting for Greens or unable to - changing personal consumption habits is attainable. You can support positive solutions - ESPECIALLY in a developed nation like Estados Unidos! Fair Trade, Organic, Recycled, environmentally friendly, consumer-supported agriculture(CSAs), products abound - but one can easily recycle more and reduce consumption - and put more money in the bank! OR one could work less - either way it is a win for a higher quality of life for people and planet! A simpler life is both attainable and improves local economies!

I honestly do not see how one could not be both conservative politically AND part of the Green Movement. As conservatives tend to be those who are promoting biodiesel, and transit - while Republicans also started the Peak Oil caucus in America.

Now where are the Democrats? Oh yes, taking ballot-access away from Greens! THAT is such an honorable and humbling way to assist in democracy and improving the environment! They were VERY effective in closing the door to Nader as well! Of course - their anti-democratic ways will affect ALL future third-parties ( which is the point).

Regardless of party, living as you wish to see the world is the best thing one can do in this life. Politics is a very difficult field to implement sustainable strategies - unless there is a foundation built first. The way we live our lives influences those in power - and vice versa.

$20 billion gas pipeline planned for rain forest

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) - Environmentalists were caught off-guard when South American leaders announced plans to build a natural gas pipeline through the Amazon rain forest.

Proponents say the $20 billion project, still in early planning stages, would help satisfy the growing demand for gas and help make South America less dependent on outside sources.

But environmentalists say that it could damage part of the Amazon - the world's largest wilderness - by polluting waterways, destroying trees and creating roads that could draw ranchers and loggers.

Glenn Switkes of the International Rivers Network said if the pipeline is built, it would inevitably foul the environment.

Brazil's rain forest is as big as Western Europe and is thought to contain at least 30 percent of all plant and animal species on the planet.

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