Saturday, May 27, 2006

Remember when Tim Pawlenty signed that "No new taxes" pledge? A sales impact fee and public-financed stadium later - we know this a joke. It is quite foolish to make a pledge to political party only to be elected to serve all citizens.

Now we in Hennepin County must pay for a stadium owned by a billionaire - and people think Bush is bad for his tax cuts? Obviously Bush's fiscal deficits are bad for America - but both the Minnesota DFL and GOP conspired against one county. Are there not more important things for Hennepin county than a stadium? Is a stadium as worthy to build as better transit, affordable housing, education, and even preventative healthcare? To non-Hennepin politicians - of course not.

For those of us footing the bill - I hope we get free tickets for life. I want entrance at any time - day or not. After all - I am paying for it. And it isn't over. We can find who our Hennepin county commissioner is and contact them. Will that work? Probably not, as they feel they have nothing to lose. But the GOP has much to lose with Pawlenty dissing Hennepin Republicans, and the DFL ( apart from a few like Steve Kelley ) were just as complicit. But the DFL has a stranglehold on the area. Our only hope appears the Green Party in Minneapolis and the Independence Party in the suburbs.

The 2-party monopoly is not very popular in America right now - but few feel there is much choice. The corporate and aristocratic wealth is funding both - ensuring that whoever wins feels indebted partially to them. But while many feel powerless there is hope. Minneapolis could have instant runoff voting soon. IRV, a catalyst for change in how Americans vote, could make profound changes in our "lesser evil" and "spoiler" attitudes towards third parties. Many would consider more candidates and improve 3rd party credibility. It just needs to pass a November referendum. IRV could improve our situation in the 21st century, but we need to try it first.

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