Friday, July 14, 2006

Is Israel in charge of world opinion or is it a terrorist police state?

I have never thought so low of Israel until their recent attacks on Lebanon. Hezbollah attacked Israeli SOLDIERS while Israel attacks Lebanese CIVILIANS. If this isn't terrorism, I don't know what is. If the United States government had any credibility, it would declare Israel a terrorist state and implement sanctions.

Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers, albeit after killing three. In return they wished to negotiate with Israel for the return of those captured by Israel.
Israel retaliated bombing major roadways to Damascus, Lebanon's only International Airport, and other targets - killing 50+ CIVILIANS thus far.

In the past Israel has negotiated under these terms. But this time, as one Israeli minister put it, "the rules have changed".

What exactly has changed? Israel does not want sanctions against Iran - they want Iran eliminated. And America could step up and do this according to some. Extremist Israeli like David Horowitz proclaim "The world will not be a safe place or a decent one until the present regime in Gaza, the West Bank, Syria and Iran are gone. This is a war all Americans must support."

While the Lebanese government has done an admirable job and kicking Syrian influence out, they haven't eliminated Hezbollah. Hezbollah cannot be eliminated, as they provide needed humanitarian aid to southern Lebanon using Iranian money. They are also southern Lebanon's primary political party. To eliminate Hezbollah could mean civil war, but Israel demands they do so.

Ironically Israel is providing the breeding ground for future extremists and harsh resentment of its nation. They are destroying the infrastructure that Lebanon needs to thrive economically, imposing an economic depression on civilians. The ensuing poverty will make Iranian money that much more lucrative through organizations like Hezbollah.

Israel wants peace, but in doing so has decided it best to become what it hates: a terrorist state vowing for the destruction of another nation. Israel wants done to Iran what Iran wants done to Israel. Except the United States has Iran surrounded, and Israel is dictating what is to be done next.

If the price of oil continues its upward climb, the American economy will suffer. The American people will cry for a solution - and a war with Iran may seem fitting. After all, they have oil and "by gosh, they are making this mess in the Middle East." And if the Americans don't come to this conclusion, they media will make it so.

Though this is how it appears currently, I hope for a better solution. With the current American administration in power, the best I can see them doing is ignoring the situation in Israel. Instead they could push for conservation initiatives and end subsidies to oil companies.

I dream that America condemns terrorism in all its forms - including those performed by its allies. Only with a visionary and peaceful leader will this come to fruition. Not a penny of our taxes should support terrorist nations like Israel who wish the death of entire nations.

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