Sunday, April 15, 2007

GOPs time to accept Global Warming

If New Gingrich can accept Global Warming, why does the rest of his party seem inept? Here is clearly the GOPs most effective leader ( as opposed to Bush ) who actually looks at the facts and can accept it.

This is a small clip of his statement for those like Senator Inhofe and The Global Warming Swindle adherents.

Obviously there are reasons for conservatives to be reluctant to tackle the issue. They are against any increase in the size of government, and dealing with Global Warming could mean a larger UN role. If the UN does start taxing hydrocarbons, we would need a global democracy. If I were a member of the Council of Foreign Relations, I would be pushing for this. We could them impose our view of "democracy" onto the entire globe. That could be good or bad depending on how it is done and sustained.

What is best would be the creation of a UN tax, then a timetable for global democracy. Democratic elections in authoritarian regimes would be imposed by the UN, and tax revenue could not be spent until the planet had converted. When the entire planet achieves democracy we could then have a global United Nations election. Any other ideas out there?

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