Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hopes of Obama dashed

The Pakistan comment was disgusting. Invading Iran is also not an option. A true peace candidate would have never proposed something so vile. Instead of invading them we should work with them to create a stable society and root out terrorism?

His support for "clean coal" and turning coal into fuel will not put America on a sustainable energy track. These issues alone mean an Obama America would prosper only short-term - if at all.

My support for Kucinich diminished upon realizing that he gave up his delegates to Kerry in 2004. I have never or will ever support such a pathetic politician - one who never authored a groundbreaking bill in the Senate. Kucinich supports the Department of Peace, opposed the Iraq war from the beginning and was the only Congressperson to support Keith Ellison in his primary here in the 5th District. He's a great guy, working to change his party.

But how can I support a party that allows wiretapping and increasing military spending? A party that won't pay down the national debt. Only the Green Party supports what I do. Unless Michael Bloomberg brings up the important issues in his election bid ( i.e. peak oil) I support the Green Party candidate for President in 2008.


Anonymous said...

Keith Ellison is a Muslim slow jihad activist with the objective being the subjugation of all unbelievers. This is the nature of the long war we face as westerners. All jihadists are not operating with bombs. Some are working to obtain political power in the West, such as Mr. Ellison. From a Muslims point of view, swearing on the Koran is nothing more than demonstrating ones allegiance to the ideology within the book itself. As a Muslim, one can have no greater mission than to (1) convert unbelievers to Islam, (2) make unbelievers understand their position of subordinates, (3) or kill them. That is the fact known by all that have taken time to read the Koran and Hadith. Mr. Ellison has a long history of working with and funding extreme Islamic groups such as the Nation of Islam as well as working closely with the Counsel on American Islamic Relations to defend hate speech (anti-Semitism) using alias names such as Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad.
If Dhimmicrats continue to cast the vote with blind eye, we will continue to see the acceleration of the destruction of Democracy. Laws will be changed to Sharia as our American Constitution dissolves. American liberals are serving as useful idiots in their own destruction. Seems to be no better way to say "I hate America" than to close your eyes and ears to current events all across the globe and vote on the (D) side of the bill.

Kevin Chavis said...

Obama is not Muslim. And this post has nothing to do with Keith Ellison.

So I am curious why this has to do with Sharia at all. Would any party truly implement that, and would it be Constitutional?

Then could be a bot. :P