Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Green Party Caucus

The Green Party caucus went smoothly in south Minneapolis today. I was able to pass a platform change that would support the Global Marshall Plan and we passed a resolution opposing the Midtown Burner.

We supported Cynthia McKinney's bid for the Presidency over Nader 7 to 1. Impressive, though Nader is not formally seeking Green Party endorsement. He is seeking any endorsement he can get, and feels the Greens are not a threat but a progressive ally. Had he run as a Green, I doubt he would have won in Senate District 61 today.

We heard from US Senate candidates Michael Cavlan and Thomas Harens. Both are strong on Green issues. Though they both have their weak spots. Thomas is more business oriented, while Cavlan more the anti-corporate type. I supported Cavlan in 2006, but feel Thomas is more than ready to spread the message of our party to a wider audience. An audience that is more a part of the green movement than the actual party, with his goal to bring us together. There were no attacks against each other, though Cavlan did stress his long-term commitment to the party, while Thomas could make no such claim having recently joined. Thomas has also done little work toward racial justice,but has remained more focused on sustainability issues. Both candidates know the seriousness of peak oil and how higher crude prices drag our economy down.

Farheen Hakeem attended and is still running a campaign that has the DFL scared witless. I doubt they will have a candidate who has the experience or knowledge that Farheen has. Mr. Hayden assumes that the DFL machine will hand him the seat. But if any challenger shows up on the primary ballot, he'll need as much help as he can get from them. His record in such primaries hasn't worked to his benefit in the past, garnering third place behind Elizabeth Glidden and Marie Hauser for city council Ward 8.

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