Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dick Cheney and the Quail that got away. Well, that is how it seems - or rather his shooting of another person has gotten away.

Yeah, there are concerns over whether the administration is secretive. How is this new? The Bush Administration is consistently secretive - I don't care as much about that as what their actual decisions are.

Some have brought up that the shooting could have been alcohol related. Also, the birds on this ranch are rather stupid and timid. They are easy shots. So why did he miss and hit another hunter? Oh, well. How about we put the story in a cartoon , maybe even a bumper sticker, and move onto more important issues like:

1) The National Debt and fiscal sanity
2) Fossil Fuel Dependence / Global Warming
3) Healthcare
4) Election and political contribution reform
5) War against terrorism / Global stabilization

I do not think many partisans would disagree that these are important issues that require thought. Let's not make a consistent every-day Watergate style coverage of this pathetic shooting. Let it works its own way out while we concentrate on more important matters.

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