Friday, September 22, 2006

The 5th Congressional District race for US House continues being very interesting. Though many are still confident that Keith Ellison will win, Alan Fine has taken the race to new lows. Saying Keith Ellison supports terrorism and is antisemitic.

IMHO many are afraid to vote for a black Muslim, and need some odd excuse to cover their hidden feelings. Mike Erlandson and Ember Reichgott-Junge split the anti-Ellison /pro DFL-establishment vote. Ellison activists were very critical in getting out the vote in Minneapolis. I met quite a few, and they were full of vibrant energy. It was wonderful seeing them exhibit the positivity of the Progressive Ellison campaign.

But will "moderate" DFLers vote for Alan Fine? His primary issues are as follows ( according to his website):
[my comments]


Protecting the environment

[thinks he can steal Greens? Doubt it...]
The welfare of our children
Making our neighborhoods safer and more
• Producing jobs and keeping our economy
• A return to fiscal prudence
Reducing the deficit

[but not eliminate it]
• World peace

[most likely through pre-emptive wars]
Dramatically improving U.S. diplomacy and
international relations

[by eliminating enemies, maintaining a strong global military presence ]
Affordable healthcare

[notice ambiguity - similiar to curent DFL beliefs ]
Improving our transportation systems and
reducing our dependency on fossil fuels

[mantra for decades by BOTH major parties, yet doing little]
Strengthening social security

[by investing it like a 401K , with no individuals allowed say in how invested ]

Basically Alan Fine could appeal to many DFL voters, especially wavering ones who dislike Ellison. His biggest liability is being Republican, and association with Bush policies. My bet is more on Independence Party Candidate Tammy Lee. Time will tell if she can gain any momentum in the race. If she doesn't , moderate DFLers will vote Ellison in grudgingly.

My hope is that Ellison sparks a renewed Progressive movement in the DFL. They can't keep coasting along without pushing for ideals that Minnesotans want, such as Universal Healthcare and preventing wars with a Department of Peace.

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