Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where do the Greens stand with regards to Keith Ellison earning endorsement? That is quite the question, considering several greens I know have endorsed and are working on Ellison's campaign. But...

Jay Pond is still in the race. We need to have decent candidates that stand for the Ten Key Values that are inherently Green. Working within the Democrat party, one feels pressure from "important" contributors. I hope that Ellison can stay true to his values untainted by negative influences. But if he strays, that is where Jay will come in and focus on a positive message for 5CD voters.

I truly hope Ellison is as amazing as he appears in Congress. If he is anything like Dennis Kucinich, he will be an amazing voice for peace in all its forms.

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Mason6883 said...

I can not belive you are endorsing Ellison.