Monday, October 22, 2007

The Lies of Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer Ministries attempts to portray itself as a humanitarian and Godly organization. Yet its magazine from April 2007 contains blatant lies, misrepresentation, and subtle ignorance. It contains more political discussion than one would assume from a so-called nonpartisan religious group.

The primary concern of mine is the obvious American Exceptionalism. Somehow America is great because we are Christian, and other countries need to be converted. The example in Joyce's April 07 issue is Thailand, Burma ( they call it Myanmar), and Laos. They call it "The Golden Triangle."

They claim that it is a region "known for its abject poverty and drug addiction." Personally, I do not think of nations solely for by their negatives but also by its many positives. If I only looked at America through this negative view, I would hate my country for its malicious treatment of others for greed. But I think America has many positive traits that can overcome these negative elements.

But Joyce conveniently ignores current statistics such as:

1) The global drug trade does not center on this region. Nor do its users represent a vast portion of its nation. According to the BBC:

Fewer people take illicit drugs than smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, but the numbers are growing, and the figure is currently estimated at between 3% and 4% of the world population. Most widely used is cannabis, but synthetic stimulants are booming in popularity - especially among urban youth. Meanwhile, in some countries, heroin is finding a new market among the fashionable and wealthy.

Many Americans smoke pot, at least 34% have tried - a lot higher than in the countries stated. Afghanistan produces 90% of the world's heroin and is trafficked primarily through the former Yugoslavia to Europe.

The poverty of this region is falling. If Joyce wanted to focus on nations not improving, she might want to focus on the Christian nation of Ethiopia. The current regime in Ethiopia is American friendly; Meles Zenawi is nonetheless a tyrant. Christians in America have decided to support a tyrant rather than assist the people in Ethiopia to improve their lives.

The photo on the left shows where poverty is increasing and decreasing as of 2004. Notice that the nations Joyce is targeting are not increasing in poverty, yet their Christian numbers are not rising dramatically.

3) The attack on Buddhism. Now Joyce notices that Christianity is having a hard time in growing here. Christianity denies many tenets of Buddhism such as reincarnation, karma, and the fact the people are not primarily evil. Buddhists see humanity as essentially good, but ignorant.

The fact is that Joyce Meyers is just another James Dobson. Her magazine is against stores such as Victoria's Secret, because it promotes sex. Homosexuals, because they should be "cured." And the American preoccupation with "sensuality." While Buddhism has perspectives on theses, none are essentially evil. It is how we live our lives that can keep us in this ignorance. Simple adherence to rules without knowing why we follow them seems more foolish than questioning them. You won't read this in her magazine, because questioning her interpretation of the Bible is deemed a sin by her and her legion of followers.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of Joyce Meyer in any way, but "Burma" is no longer a country. It is now, in fact, Myanmar.

Anonymous said...

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Erin said...

Focusing on a country's positive points and ignoring the negative will NOT help that country improve. Joyce doesn't center in on good points because does the good need to be healed? No. The bad points need attention. And as a nation with wealth and resources beyond what some countries could only dream of, it seems fitting that she'd try to help countries with less than we have.
She's actually DOING something in the world, even if it's her small contribution, she's doing something. Most people are content to sit on their recliners with a remote control.

Bonobo Jones said...

Erin is right, we should get up off our recliners and go convert some of those godless heathen drug-addicted asians to the one right way, christianity! go go jesus! joyce meyer will save them by pointing out their shortcomings and then, i assume, re-donating some of the tens of millions of dollars her subjects have donated to her to help with their abject poverty. because we all know Thailand is a third-world country where people have no food and live in huts made out of banana leaves or whatever they have over there in asia.

oh and anonymous #1, i think the numerous countries as well as many Burmese people who refuse to use the name "Myanmar" and instead continue to call the country "Burma" would disagree with you. sorry, i ran out of sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes time to bad mouth someone who isn't perfect, but DOING SOMETHING to make a difference really needs to get a life.

Kevin C said...

You clearly did not read the post because it is still quite relevant. While Christians defend Chick-A-Fil's heterosexism the Christian dictator of Ethiopia is dying. Maybe Joyce Meyer could do work there before it falls into disarray?

Essentially: Please fix your religion before trying to "fix" others'. Ending the lies and misinformation would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Oh please!!''Takes the time to badmouth someone''??????Really??? If we all ignored the hypocrisy and bad doings of public faces then it would be hell on earth...If someone needs criticising (and Joyce Meyer DEFINITELY does) then they should be. It is not bad mouthing.It is important questioning. American Christianity is full of sociopathic greedy meglomaniacs and they are hurting people.