Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Twin Cities Pride

It was very uplifting marching in the Minneapolis Pride Parade. The positive cheers from enthusiastic supporters of Farheen's campaign were consistent throughout the parade, from start to finish. She will be a formidable ally in the state legislature with her undeviating support for LGBT rights. She knows we cannot have Minnesotans be treated unequally with regards to their personal relationships. She also knows that LGBT rights go beyond marriage, ensuring families from all walks of life the stability they rightly deserve.

Volunteering at the Green Party booth was also exhilarating. Many stopped by to see what the Greens were up to either locally or nationally. With 500,000 attending the event, it became apparent that many were from out of state but were aware of the Greens where they lived. We also handed out Farheen's custom made rainbow stickers, which were quite a hit! Several who stopped by recognized me as their favorite slot attendant at Mystic Lake. They were upset to hear that I no longer work there, but wished me the best in my future endeavors. The hours there were well-spent and am thankful for the opportunity to have been there! Special thank yous to Lydia Howell who made us sandwiches and tea!

I did end my time at the booth towards the end of the evening. It gave me time to check out all the other amazing activity going on at Pride. I stopped by several booths to chat. One I will particularly mention is that of the Log Cabin Republicans. I am thankful they are working towards the goal of inclusion. Log Cabin Republicans also tend to support Ron Paul, whose candidacy is also a step in the right direction for their party.

Alan Shilepsky, President of the Minnesota chapter was there to introduce their wing of the party to attendees. We had a fun discussion about energy, fiscal responsibility, and trade policies. Obviously we do not see eye to eye on many issues, but he did state that Greens truly live by their values, as opposed to other parties. My mom is a Republican, so I signed up to receive e-letters from the Log Cabin and will let her know what they are up to. ( She's also on the other side of the digital divide, and we do like to talk politics. She voted for Nader in 1996, but also Bush in 2000 & 2004)

I also was re-acquainted with a few ex-Mystic Lake employees at Pride. Good to see them and look forward to working with them on some future campaigns!

If you did not have the opportunity attend Pride this year, I hope to see you next year at Loring Park!

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