Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Legislative intelligence going offshore?

The United States Legislative Branch is showing little signs of intelligence regarding energy. Assuming they had any intelligence, that which they have appears to be going into the sea.

1) Off-shore drilling GOP ( the advertisment they are capitulating to located to the left )

Fact: Off-shore drilling will take 12+ years to go online.

Fact: Off-shore drilling endangers our coastline for centuries

Fact: Off-shore oil will NOT be cheaper than conventionally drilled oil, even ignoring insurance risks.

SO why do Republicans really think that off-shore drilling will somehow reduce the price of oil today? Oil speculators could conclude that more oil will go online 13 years from now, and therefore lower prices for such futures. This is quite a long-shot, because demand 13 years from now will be considerably higher than it is now. American production in 2022 will be lower even if off-shore oil comes online. If we allow off-shore drilling now, the speculators will be better able to determine if it will make a significant dent in prices in around 2016.

The Republicans also are ignoring the fact that oil corporations can have multiple oil spills, with little repercussion. If Republicans want to reassure the American people, they will pass strict measures on the oil companies. Exxon is still trying to reduce any type of settlements based on their Valdez spill. Since Republicans now believe that Global Warming is a fact, they should also tack on a carbon tax of $50 a ton for all hydrocarbons.

2) Clueless Democrats

Al Franken would not support a carbon tax. But he did support a Minnesota gas tax increase, before he decided he was against gas taxes! Franken's mind-numbing logic also concludes that a gas tax "holiday" would be a bad idea. So does he support a gas tax or not?

The Democrats somehow believe that changing the makeup of our strategic petroleum reserve will somehow lower gas prices. Do they not realize that it will have to be re-added at some point? The reserve exists to be used only in times of true emergency. These fools are clueless as to what an emergency is.

In Minnesota, we have opportunities to NOT support such short-sighted policies in the US Senate race. Both Al Franken and Norm Coleman are prime examples of oil drunks lacking the will to sober up. We should kick the oil-peddling mentality out of Washington, allowing generations of Americans a future with potential. Signing the Oil Depletion Protocol would be a good start. We could begin to transition away from the lethal road hydrocarbons are taking us.

Will Minnesotans be able to circumvent the binary Coleman/Franken frenzy? I have little faith the media will give the Independence Party candidates any time, especially as they are consolidating their journalism activities towards bland national coverage( Star Tribune - you are getting pathetic). In such an atmosphere, only Ventura could have cut through. Too often voters seek the media to tell them who they are allowed to vote for. The corporate mainstream repeat misinformation against any potential threats to the two-parties. I often wonder if all the media-parrots would decide not to vote if the media told them not to?

If we elect Franken or Coleman this fall, it will mean Minnesotan's have only to blame ourselves for this long-term energy crisis. I certainly love my state more than to succumb to such a level of ignorance. I would rather vote None-of-the-Above and have an election do-over than support either of these two ditzy clowns!

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