Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Disconnected from reality

I do not understand what is wrong with the current American administration. Did they ever thoroughly think through their plans? Do they not understand how their harsh treatment of those they disagree with will only fuel the fire for future animosity? Let us consider each of the latest incarnations of their disasterous record:

1) The Iraq war

a) They told us that we HAD to attack - and planted fear in everyone. Nucleur Biological and Chemical attacks on American soil from Iraq were immenent. We didn't want, as Bush eloquently put it, "the smoking gun, could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." All bogus even as United Nations weapons inspectors stormed Iraq and Saddam claimed no weapons as US claimed.

b) Those mobile weapons labs? Oh yeah - those were actually Cold War Era Russian field kitchens! Completely made up by the Pentagon to fuel more fear.

c) Our mission was accomplished. Well, until IEDs started showing up. But things were "getting better." The media began talking of an insurgency - but the administrations said that was bogus. Now they agree there is an insurgency - but NOT a civil war. Next thing you know, they will agree that there is a civil war but "we can't leave, we must HELP them!"

The question is, when civil war breaks out and the Iraqi government dispersed - whose side do we take? The SECULARS who we gave money to during the elections? Let's hope the decision is made by a future administration - but our military will pay the ultimate price.

2) Democracy in the Middle East ( and world?)

a) this was a justification for war in Iraq and even Afghanistan. Of course when they elect those we dislike we cut all aid. Now Palestinians - even those who did not vote for Hamas - will be punished extremely harshly. We're talking an economic depression - a doubling of unemployment and a government that could collapse. But Iran could pick up our slack - and teach them to hate America and take our backing of democracy as a joke(which it is).

Do I support Hamas? Of course not, I no longer feel violence a proper way to change the world. But Bush does - so I support Hamas as much as I support Bush ( I still pay taxes, right?).

b) Does the media make a big deal about the man that will be executed in Afghanistan - for converting to Christianity? As Bush says himself "We have got influence in Afghanistan and we are going to use it to remind them that there are universal values." ( Bush conveniently forgets that loving relationships are a universal value in banning marriage to heterosexual couples )

3) Creating a culture of fear

a) 9-11 , Saddam , Iraq , Al-Queda , Bin Laden , 9-11 , fear Arabs , go to war with them , etc, repeat 5 times

It is the repeating of certain words and phrases that Bush has created an anti-Arab sentiment in America. He has created an anti-Islam sentiment. And he has made America fearful of an imminent terrorist attack - which replaces the already awful scenario of Latin American countries going Communist. But of course, only Bush and the Republican Party can lead us to victory in a time of war. He creates fear, then sells a solution : endless war and violence for all eternity. Sounds like the conservative version of the anti-Christ to me. At least they voted for him.

4) Tripling the National Debt

a) How conservative of Bush to have mortgaged our countries future on politics!
At the end of fiscal year 1985, the total federal debt stood at $1.82 trillion and equaled about 43.9 percent of the nation's GDP. Political leaders from both parties warned of doom and demanded change. In spite of record prosperity in the late 1990s, at the end of fiscal year 2005 total federal debt sat about $8 trillion, about 66 percent of GDP.

b) 14% of your Federal taxes is squandered on interest for the National Debt. It will more than double to 30% within 15 years if we stay on Bush's track. ( and you thought paying rent was bad? ) You still want to cut taxes via loans?

5) Peak Oil

"America is addicted to oil. This country can dramatically improve our environment - move beyond a petroleum-based economy, and make our dependence on oil a thing of the past." George W. Bush stated in his state of the union address. Yet he does not propose an ounce of conservation. Unless we actually prepare for using less oil , we face an economic depression. Too bad so few are involved in the Peak Oil Caucus, and also happen to be Democrats.

6) Dubai Ports - Bush is right ( for once) Bush's stance on the Dubai Ports appears logical. Unfortunately, when Americans are fearful of Arabs they will do anything to step on their toes. This will hinder the American economy for the entirety of the 21st century. Arabs own the oil. And since its price will rise exponentially, they will find alternatives to invest their stash of cash. America can kiss this money "good-bye" and say hello to eternal deficits and recessions. Adios American superpower, hello rich Arabs and Asians.

There is no immediate political solution for the Bush administration. For those who are not Green politically, I challenge you to go Green in your own life. Buy organic. Work and shop as close to home as possible. Use less electricity. Support renewable energy by purchasing credits ( in Minnesota every citizen can support wind this way. Recuce consumption, reuse whatever you can or find those who will, and recyle what is leftover. The more who live green, the more positive solutions will follow.

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