Sunday, March 05, 2006

Uraguay Enacts Smoking Ban

Norway, New Zealand, and the State of California all have smoking bans. This seems like a common sense solution to preventing cancer for millions. Yet Minnesotan politicians aren't all behind a state ban. This is an instance where the government should step in to promote the health of its residence over short-term corporate wants.

I do not willingly smoke - but must breathe second-hand if I want to maintain a descent job. If I work there for a few decades and get cancer - I will probably not be alone in suing my employer for damages. They could go non-smoking(at least 50%) but choose not to.

For those who want a healthier state, I encourage you to assist the Minnesota Smoke Free Coalition. The work they are doing will improve the lives of millions - locally and those inspired by Minnesotan courage in taking a stand.

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