Saturday, March 04, 2006

For those unable to attend a Minnesota Political caucus this Tuesday, March 7th @ 7 P.M. - there is at least ONE option for you: The Independence Party Virtual Caucus. Read about it then click "Caucus Registration" at the bottom ( or here) and you are set. You get to vote how you feel their party should take certain issues.

The issues they mainly take up are ones that the DFL and GOP are currently debating: gay-marriage vs. civil marriage, eminent domain, taxpayer stadiums, healtchare, and tax/spending. Seeing as how they are what is left of the Independent Republicans - the voting should be just right of center. But we will see how things turn out. :)

All I know is that Republicans seem to be the "Party of Ignorance" lately. They don't believe in Global Warming, yet the Antartic is falling apart. The don't believe in any tax increases - apart from tax cuts and without spending cuts. They believe in saddling future generations with the National Debt. And for being so called "Conservatives" they don't believe in conserving any resources, by passing CAFE standards for motor vehicles. They are pro-birth, but not pro-child.

The dichotomy they represent is appalling, and many within the party see this. And so I hope that more Republicans that actually study issues to their party caucus. Of course I have checked their positions out - and their layout is sad. It is written more for emotional impact than for serious discussion/analysis.

But the Republicans do have one thing going: they are more United than their main opposition: Democrats. The Minnesota DFL seems pretty united compared to the national Democrats. And that could explain why they are as successful as they have been. But they will fall prey to the same problems that the national party is having if they do not develop a spiritual strategy. I think that Michael Lerner's book "The Left Hand of God" is a must read for any non-Republican. DFLers: read it then go to your Caucus.

I myself now consider myself an independent Green. I will be attending Minnesota's 4th largest party caucus at the Sabathani Community Center - room J. Should be interesting as I have some great ideas ( share those later).

The Minnesota Consitution Party is also having sporadic meetings throughout the state. This is the only sole-Dominionist political party ( apart from 25% of Republicans) in America. They believe that the Bible should replace the Constitution, and Jesus be placed above our President as our nations leader. Hard to follow a leader when they don't talk back to ones prayers "directly." But hey, it worked for the Inquisitors back in Spain.

The Minnesota Libertarians will not take part of our caucus tradition. They feel that they should remain as "pure" as possible regarding their principles. Therefore, outside public influence should be minimized. They claim to be pro-freedom, and they are - unless you try to change their mind on something. Their authoritarian yet anti-government style would make anyone realize they are hopeless. ( currently)

But there is one thing that I wish. EVERY political party in Minnesota should have a virtual caucus like the Minnesota Independence Party has! But from each site I have seen - there is no alternative. I hope they outdo the other parties using their virtual attendance. :)

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