Friday, October 27, 2006

5th Congressional District House

Jay Pond - Green Party

Out of Iraq - Renewable Energy - Universal Healthcare

Three issues that Democrats have a hard time understanding coherently in this VERY Progressive district. Keith Ellison gained endorsement mainly because of his stance on these issues. Jay Pond also pointed out on an MPR debate that Keith believes in a draft . While Keith opposes a draft for the Iraq war, he believes in a "shared sacrifice" with regards to the Long War. Therefore when Democrats and Republicans join hands in a war against Iran and North Korea, Keith may promote a draft proposal.

Ellison is part of the DFL, who has a monopoly on Minneapolis politics. If he really stood for democracy, he would ask the Minneapolis DFL to split itself in two. Then their endorsement conventions would stop being city elections. That's okay Keith, you don't have to believe in local democracy. That's why the Greens exist.

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Anonymous said...

Keith Ellison is a Muslim slow jihad activist with the objective being the subjugation of all unbelievers. This is the nature of the long war we face as westerners. All jihadists are not operating with bombs. Some are working to obtain political power in the West, such as Mr. Ellison. From a Muslims point of view, swearing on the Koran is nothing more than demonstrating ones allegiance to the ideology within the book itself. As a Muslim, one can have no greater mission than to (1) convert unbelievers to Islam, (2) make unbelievers understand their position of subordinates, (3) or kill them. That is the fact known by all that have taken time to read the Koran and Hadith. Mr. Ellison has a long history of working with and funding extreme Islamic groups such as the Nation of Islam as well as working closely with the Counsel on American Islamic Relations to defend hate speech (anti-Semitism) using alias names such as Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison and Keith Ellison-Muhammad.
If Dhimmicrats continue to cast the vote with blind eye, we will continue to see the acceleration of the destruction of Democracy. Laws will be changed to Sharia as our American Constitution dissolves. American liberals are serving as useful idiots in their own destruction. Seems to be no better way to say "I hate America" than to close your eyes and ears to current events all across the globe and vote on the (D) side of the bill.