Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tammy Lee's growing momentum

Tammy Lee doesn't have endorsement by Martin Sabo - but nor does Keith Ellison. The fact that he is willing to have a photo taken with Tammy reflects the resentment this Old Guard DFLers has against Progressive DFLers.

Tammy's tagline is "Fiscally Responsible. Socially Progressive" and offers a very unique and refreshing campaign. Certainly checking out her issues page, one realizes it will appeal to disaffected DFLers.

But I can't help wonder if the many anti-Ellison suburbanites will worry about a lesser-than-evil vote. Do they think Alan Fine even has a prayer,? He appears a token candidate to make all DFLers look bad through one candidate. Katherine Kersten has wholeheartedly taken this stance in the Star Tribune. Yet, how can someone who believes in family values vote for someone who commits domestic abuse?

Jay Pond is getting nil publicity in the media lately, and Tammy has not only taken more space - she's gaining through a positive campaign strategy. While Ellison deals with Fine's negativity, he loses some positive momentum. Tammy doesn't have any such baggage, though she doesn't have the DFL Machine working for her either.

So will her new unity ads add any new endorsements by the Big Two partisans? I am not sure, but she certainly would stand a better chance with Instant Runoff Voting. IRV is poised to become the official voting technique for the city of Minneapolis.

What Tammy needs is more publicity, more supporters/volunteers, and more money. Will she be able to get those quickly without a large political operation behind her? The most important objective is getting votes, and the Big 2 know that third parties can get them cheaper than they can.


Mason6883 said...

Is there any polling out on her race?

If I had to choose between the IP winning either the governors race, or this congressional race, I would pick Tammy. It would be great for the IP to have a solid (presumably) scandel-free canidate get national attention.

Kevin Chavis said...

No polling, for some odd reason. You would think in such a hot race someone would? Perhaps they have and it has the DFL scared.

Jay Pond got over 5% of the vote in 2004, which is threshold for major party status. Yet he is excluded from debates because the Green Party did not have any statewide candidate meet this requirement.

I suspect Tammy Lee and Jay Pond are doing very well. I am sure Alan Fine has some votes, and will do excellent for a token candidate.