Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Attorney General

Papa John Kolstad

I have no qualms voting for Papa John. He is more than competent to be the attorney general, having dealt with that office many times.
He is also the founder of the Minnesota Universal Health Care Coalition, and will promote UHC while in office. In addition, he will support the small business community and not give special favors to the corporate donors of the other parties.

Enforcing Minnesota Environmental Laws

Clean air and water are our most important resources. I will work so that we can eat the fish from all of our 10,000 lakes. Minnesota needs a strong energy efficient and renewable energy policy. We can lead the nation in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We need a policy of zero discharge of persistent toxic chemicals in our state, especially chlorinated compounds like dioxin which are key contributors to cancer and birth defects.

Protecting Minnesota Small Business

I propose we create a Small Business Division within the Attorney General's office. This Division will level the playing field between small business and the abusive large corporate conglomerates. This would allow me, as yLinkour Attorney General, to be an aggressive advocate for small business, as well as for consumers. The cost of health care and property taxes are two major problems for small business. Both of these problems are the result of bad public policy.

The wasteful health insurance companies dictate care and raise rates 10 to 15% per year, and this is retarding the growth of the economy and the creation of new jobs. As Attorney General, I would continue to audit and investigate the health insurance companies, and, where warranted, would aggressively pursue criminal charges against the CEOs and officers of these companies for fraud and abuse. I'd also propose new laws if the current ones are insufficient to prosecute these abuses. MORE

Minnesota Guard Home Now!

We must disengage from the immoral war crime we have committed in Iraq. This war has now lasted longer America's engagement in World War II. Each and every single premise for starting this war of choice has proved to be wrong.


John James

The Office of the Attorney General is the public's law firm. The AG's job is to represent the people of Minnesota. AGs traditionally want to be seen as the enforcer or prosecutor-in-chief - using the law to get justice for citizens. Enforcement is important, but if all we get from the AG is enforcement, we're not getting all we are paying for. We want people and organizations to comply with the law -- and laws to comply with the needs of Minnesotans and their communities. The AG should deliver both.

Minnesota needs an independent Attorney General. One who rejects the partisan DFL and Republican agendas that produce nothing but gridlock and finger-pointing. One who will be the people's lawyer, rather than working to protect the special interests and big campaign contributors.

As Minnesota's independent Attorney General, John James will:

Focus on Children

  • Enforce child protection laws
  • Crack down on domestic abuse
  • Keep kids in school

Focus on the Environment

  • Reverse a decade of increasing environmental degradation
  • Clean up Minnesota's waters

Focus on Fair Treatment from Government

  • Demand fair treatment of citizens by state and local government
  • Demand basic honesty from our leaders-taxes and fees are not the same!
  • Challenge unnecessary and preferential subsidies to businesses, so your tax dollars are spent on the things that matter

Protect the Interests of Average Minnesotans

  • Fill the vacuum of leadership on public safety to make Minnesotans safer from crime-without the death penalty
  • Protect consumers from dishonest businesses
  • Maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of the Internet

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