Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama vs. Cynthia and Rosa

I know many out there think Obama is 100% perfect - but take a look at his history. He's not very democratic, in order to get elected in Chicago he kicked his opponent off the ballot on technicalities. More info here:

Now if you compare Obama to Cynthia McKinney the differences are:


  • Opposes trade with Cuba
  • Is against outlawing the Death Penalty
  • Opposes friendly relations with Russia in building a missile defense shield in former Soviet states
  • Is against Fair Trade ( He prefers "free" trade )
  • Opposes campaign financing for his own campaign ( supports it in others )
  • Adamantly supports a Mexican Border Wall
  • Believes there should be more Presidential powers, such as the line item veto
  • Is supportive of the USA PATRIOT Act ( especially wire tapping )
  • Opposes Single Payer Universal Healthcare ( what they have in Europe and Costa Rica )
  • Supports America's addiction to oil by allowing Off-shore oil drilling

Cynthia McKinney is firmly on the opposite side of these issues from Obama. If you believe in a peaceful world, building walls and missiles is not the way to do it. Obama is just as much an enemy of peace as Bush, as scary as that may sound. If he is elected, which he probably will, the true Obama will become much more apparent.

The French Model....

In Washington, there always seems to be a lot of comparison to France. When we went to war with Iraq, France become the butt of jokes because they opposed it. Conservatives even declared war on everything French - until they elected a conservative. Now they like things French - especially their nuclear program!

Cynthia also supports a French model - cutting our bloated and wasteful military budget. France is cutting their military budget by 15%. If we did that and half started paying for the National Debt, the other half could be used for free college and health-care. We could be using more of our money at home instead of guarding such wonders of the world like Iceland ( no offense Björk ) and Kazakhstan.

Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente are part of a Global movement for peace, known worldwide as the Green Party. Obama and McCain both support a global arms race. They believe in the "peace through strength" mantra with a clear destiny towards failure. It is time to truly heal the wounds the 20th Century has left us with. Building walls and bombs do not create Global Security. With 35% of the world living on less than $1 a day, Global Security will come through ending poverty - not bombing the poor. It is time for America to envision and implement the path to a more compassionate world, for both ourselves and all those on Earth.

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