Saturday, August 23, 2008

DLC wins VP nomination with Joe Biden

While I had assumed Barack Obama would not capitulate to the Democratic Leadership Council, because he had said he was independent of them, he has. Joe Biden might as well be Joe Lieberman - both are war hawks who could easily transition to the Neo-Conservative wing of the Republican Party. Because, the DLC is comprised of the same liberals who espouse the Neo-Con agenda, they just never left the Democrat Party.

In 2005 when he received a DLC award, Senator Biden stated. "I believe that our military power is necessary, but not sufficient, to change the world. It will be our ideas and our ideals -- the things we value, the things we stand for, the same things that brought the Berlin Wall down -- that will nudge the world toward more freedom and democracy." Peace through strength mantra, again. Bomb the world to peace?

Sorry, Obama you have failed miserably in your
choice. I will not even consider voting for you, not that I have ever considered McCain. The DLC and NeoCons envision a world where America's military is sent from nation to nation to hang on to resources we "need." What we need is a world where all people are secure, not just the American people. Most Americans agree on this, but they also know that the power in the upper echelons of our society are difficult to rein in. Just ask Obama, who may not have wanted a DLCer but because he ran in the Democrat Party, has no choice. Hillary lost, they need the VP, and now we get another Cheney.

Cynthia McKinney has a different perspective of our military. She wants accountability, not an never-ending empire that loses Trillions in taxpayer money. You won't hear Joe Biden grilling Rumsfeld or any other NeoCon because..friends protect their own right? Watch the video and decide who is best to lead America's military and the world into a better future:

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captainkona said...

He definitely could have done better than Biden. I was really hoping Tom Daschle would be the pick. His credibility on this farce of a war is close to that of our beloved Dennis Kucinich.

Biden may be the clincher against McSame, but it's certainly not "change".

We can only hope that if Biden is going to be VP that he might have learned from his past errors like the war, the Rave Act, the Real ID and other anti-freedom mistakes he has made.

He sounded like he might be trying to locate a spine when he spoke in Illinois.
Please, God....let this man become a leader rather than the follower he has always been.

Best regards, Kevin.