Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sister's Camelot WINS Myspace Impact Award!!

When I initially voted for them, they were in third place and needed promotion. Sisters Camelot didn't even have a video to encourage voters, and thankfully did get one in time. Thanks to everyone getting the word out and voting because they won! Their reaction:

We are thrilled to receive this award and would like to thank everyone who voted, giving us this wonderful gift. We will use the money to continue rescuing organic fruits and vegetables from going to waste, and making sure t
hey end up in tasty dishes eaten by hungry people in our communities.
- Karen Eisert (Collective Member & Staff Member)

They will
be able to buy another bus and further expand their amazing work!

Thank you to everyone who voted for them! If you live in the Twin Cities, I encourage you to volunteer with them. It's fun and you get a bunch of food also!



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