Monday, December 19, 2005

Abortion will always exist

The problem with anti-choicers is that they do not understand that their cause is ultimately pointless. Their attacks on female reproductive health will not yield the results they are looking for. There are options for women that allow for forms of abortion - such as menstrual extraction. In fact this option is considered low-risk in that it inolves few resources and little medical training for those inolved. It will exist as long as it is deemed necessary - legal or not.

Anti-choicers also seek a purity that humanity will not achieve unless the root problems facing everyone are resolved. I have already stated why women feel compelled to have abortions. Yet it seems that pro-choicers are the only ones who care. It's like making alcohol and tobacco products illegal due to their negative impact on humanity. It would be nice for everyone to quit cold-turkey, but reality states it will continue regardless. Therefore organizations that assist people in making positive decisions should be lauded for their efforts - not punished for allowing imperfection to persist. In my opinion - there would be no humanity if it were not for our imperfection.

I am confident that even when the anti-choicers make abortion illegal ( i.e. counties with no abortion clinics ) , options such as menstrual extraction will take root. In capitalism - when a consumer wants a product or service a solution will appear through entrepreneurs and inventors. The same thing is true with individual freedoms being improved by activists and free-thinkers.

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