Monday, December 26, 2005

Growing the Windustry

We Minnesotans have a very valuable asset in the 21st Century energy market - wind. We have over 700 turbines churning on the Buffalo Ridge. Unfortunately, only about 35 are Minnesota owned. Obviously if we want our energy to be used for Minnesota - our state citizens will have to start investing in it. There are a few options to do this: investing in companies like Winfinity , Project Resources Corporation,and Dan Mar Associates. Also every utility in Minnesota is required to purchase wind powe. Xcel Energy will produce 800 megawatts a year by 2013. (I will add more investment opportunities if I am informed of others )

Currently Minnesota produces 615 megawatts a year from wind. Obviously this will grow as demand for renewable energy grows and incentives to produce them become more serious in nature. ALL Minnesotans can support wind through their current utility company. It costs me little more than $2 a month. And it is easy to participate if you contact them. I hope that more will invest in our future and our planet's sustainability. Maybe you could make it part of your New Year resolution?

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