Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Against Dominionism

For much of my life I knew I had a purpose to be here - many in fact. One such purpose is to extinguish the flame of Dominionism. This movement is similiar to those in Muslim nations - to put a single religion in charge of the government. I am not alone in this cause - it is being coordinated by many other individuals and organizations. Unfortunately, they do not all share my belief that we need an all inclusive politics.

I will not "declare war" on Dominionism - but work towards a more logical peace treaty. I wish them to end their war against democracy and individual freeodm. They started to succeed in this crusade in 1980 - the year I was conceived. The organizing to create this current synergy between the Christians and the Republican party took place over several decades prior to 1980 - but this is the first year their work came to fruition. Ronald Reagan was their candidate - and he became the new president with their help.

It has become more apparent each election that the Christian Right has a stronger hold on the American electorate. While they have the right to organize in what ways they choose - it is unfortunate that they equate their religion with one political party. Due to ballot access laws , we virtually have only two parties. If the Dominionist movement continues to grow we will have a theocracy. I do not see much improvement of an American theocracy over an Iranian one.

My vision is for more actual political discussion than merely siding with one political party or not. I think that with all the multiple visions that few people actually sit down and discuss how their vision will impact others. Little seems to prove the effectiveness of many naive ideas and laws pushed by both major parties.

George Washington - our first General, leader, and President - once warned us of partisan and single issue politics. It is time to move beyond this and actually seek a better form of democracy. One where EVERY vote counts and EVERYONE is represented.

But before any of that vision can exist - those who believe in Dominionism must come to terms that their vision is false and is not improving America much at all. It has the ability to return us to an age of darker times.

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