Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Eminent Domain is alive and well - used against minorities of course. I found this on the Minnesota Libertarian Party site.

Eminent Domain Takes Brooklyn Center Hmong BusinessesThe city of Brooklyn Center is bulldozing the 'Hmong American Shopping Center' to make room for something more "profitable". The shopping center consisted of 15 thriving stores which included a grocery store, fabric store, karate shop, dry cleaners and more. The shopping center serviced more than 20 percent of the population; shutting down the Hmong American Shopping Center leaves the 20+ percent of the population at a loss.Libertarian Brooklyn Center City Council member Mary O'Connor had voted against the eminent domain, but the council outnumbered her. Mary had stated that there were about 100 Hmong people protesting inside and outside the city council meeting.Mary ran for City Council because of the eminent domain issue. Her own home had been target for eminent domain to give to a construction company. Fortunately more than a dozen Libertarian Party of Minnesota volunteers had shown their support by attending the city council meeting. No further eminent domain took place.Dan Vang, business owner at the shopping center, said these policies reminded them of the policies of their home country Laos. "We were told when we came to this country when we got off the plane that if you work hard, and you're successful, and if you buy it, it's yours. Today we know that that's false." (Quoted from"All we're asking for is fairness," Vang said. "If you own a $500,000 house and they give you $300,000 and say: 'Well, we've given you something, you should be happy,' that's not fair. Mr. Lee wants his land back and the opportunity to do something on it." (Quoted from the Star Tribune)Read the various news coverage:Twelve TV Hmong Times Kare 11 Star TribuneMary had also said that this same city council has even more plans to take down homes and over 40 businesses to develop a hotel, water park, and housing. Some of the businesses include a Target, Minnesota Business School, movie theater, restaurants, car parts store, Ford dealership, and more.Mary O'Connor and other Minnesota Libertarians plan to obstruct any more abusive eminent domain in the city of Brooklyn Center. Please join us in fighting this type of eminent domain abuse.

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