Thursday, November 17, 2005

Budget and the Economy

It is quite simple actually - spend only what you HAVE. Don't mortgage the future on today's dreams. Eliminating the National Debt should be the #1 priority in regards to our budget.

To conservatives - how much LOWER would our taxes be if we didn't spend such a large amount going to paying solely the interest on the National Debt? At least 13% - time for the government to be as fiscally prudent as those on losing their welfare. How do you like other governments like the Communist Chinese buying up huge swaths of our debt? Do we really want our taxpayer money subsidizing communism ?

To liberals and progressives - what should YOUR perspective of the National Debt be? It is assisting the economic division in America as we speak. The interest we are paying is subsidizing the wealth of the richest 1%. How can you stand for that while the poor pay taxes to increase their wealth?

And for those who want to know more about why the National Debt exists go here.

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