Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What is wrong with Wal-Mart?

A lot of organizations seem to be throwing a fit about Wal-Mart's business practices. Such as: lack of healthcare to employees, harassment of women, outsourcing to nations such as China, destroying local economies, paying their workers below poverty, discriminating against minorities, exponential growth of their business ( fear of monopoly?), and not having a pro-environment business record.

All of these issues are understandable - but one cannot do anything but boycott such a business. You cannot literally stop many from shopping there. Can you legislate against their actions? I highly doubt it.

Wal-Mart is the largest corporation in the world. Their primary incentive is to make profit. Therefore health insurance for employees is not an issue to them. If the government wants to do something - they would have to enact a form of Universal healthcare.

Their harassment against women and discrimination against minorities is to be expected in such a large corporation. It is NOT their policy - in fact due to their size I am sure there are many internal programs to work to prevent these problems. (they are in fact bad for business )

Honestly, I look at all these issues and find it very sad that politicians feel they have to get involved. If you are going to do ANYTHING about this - I highly recommend BOYCOTTING WAL-MART along with a dozen other large corporations doing the SAME THING.

If I worked at Wal-Mart - I'd probably be looking for a better job. And I would be spending LESS of my own money. I think we in America can cut a LOT of our budget - I know I have.

Do I own a car? Nope. That means no insurance, no yearly car tabs,no car loan payments, no gasoline. Basically what I would pay for in gasoline in one month pays for 2 months ( or more ) of transit. Is this a legitimate reality for most? I think so. More americans live near transit than they realize. And if more used it - we would have MUCH more!

Sorry, left-wingers. You cannot convince the American public to address your issues when you are not giving them a realistic cause. But nonetheless good luck with it. Universal Healthcare is a good idea. But it does increase the governments role in our lives - i.e. dietary habits.

At least we in Minnesota have MinnesotaCare - yet we should consider funding it the way it was originally enacted. If not improving that slightly more as well.

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