Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One solution that "solves" the problem of abortion according to pro-lifers is adoption. I agree that adoption can be part of the solution - but it cannot be the sole solution ( apart from banning abortion).

My partner Brandy was living in a foster home. I do not think she was actually adopted by her foster parents (Jack and Marlene - whom I met Brandy through). But her own parents provided no emotional support for her while growing up - to the point that she had to leave them. She still has emotion issues to deal with regarding to this negligence on the part of her parent(s). Brandy's father ( who was in the ARMY with her mom) has never been a part of her family - and she has never met her father. Of course her mother re-married to a jerk who only has his self-interests at heart.

Recently - A UW-Madison study found that children who were adopted from orphanages where they may have been neglected had lower levels of two social-bonding hormones.

Therefore by forcing people to have children they do not want or afford to take care of - we increase the percentage of those in our nation with emotion problems. One cannot legislate that parents take care of their own children - but we can all work to prevent unplanned pregnancies. By preventing the need for abortions we improve many aspects of our society - including psychological disorders, resource depletion, crime, and welfare and healthcare spending. Let's face it - if we eliminated the ability for women the choice to have children we would greatly negate the positive trends already at work in our society.

Ironically conservatives do not see the prevention of abortion as a good political strategy. They seem to have a pro-birth strategy. If only they could look at this issue with eyes unclouded and worked for the better of America. Until then I will vote for those who do.

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